Exams were performed at the Central Public Health Laboratory (Photo/Disclosure)

In December, the positivity rate was 9.5%, which shows an increase in the disease rates.

Exams were performed at the Central Public Health Laboratory (Photo/Disclosure)

In the first 14 days of this year, Lacen/MS (Central Public Health Laboratory of Mato Grosso do Sul) has already performed the analysis of 9,239 RT-PCR exams, of which 2,152 are detectable for Covid-19, which represents 23.29% of the total. This Friday, of the 1,288 results released, 426 were positive for the disease, 33% of the total.

According to the SES (State Department of Health), this year’s results are a reflection of the recent advance of covid in the country, an explosion resulting from the holiday season. To have an idea of ​​the progress, during the entire month of December, there were 6,367 RT-PCR exams, of which 609 were positive, an index of 9.5%.

The secretariat observed a consecutive increase in the number of people with covid-19. On January 5, 735 tests were analyzed, of which 102 were positive, an index of 13.87%. On January 8, 1,093 tests were performed, 20% of which were positive.

In relation to the influenza virus, an increase in the number of RT-PCR exams was also observed. Between November 28 and December 4, 2021, 171 RT-PCR tests were performed, with only one being positive for Influenza A. Between December 5 and December 11, 159 tests were performed, with three positive. From December 12 to December 18, there were 215 tests, with 24 positive. The following week, from December 19 to December 25, there were 265 tests, with 77 positive.

From the last week of the year and the turn of the year, the increase: between December 26 and January 1, 339 tests were carried out, with 166 positive. Between January 2 and 8, 575 influenza RT-PCR tests were performed, 258 of which were positive. Between January 9 and 14, 522 tests were carried out, 213 of which tested positive.

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