ÖFB presidential election: allegations against Milletich |  kurier.at

The ÖFB just cannot calm down. In terms of sport, things are anything but smooth, now a report about President-elect Gerhard Milletich is causing a stir. Only a month ago the ÖFB electoral committee decided that 65-year-old Leo Windtner from Burgenland should succeed as ÖFB president. He will then be officially elected at the federal general assembly on Sunday (October 17th) in Velden. Just a matter of form, everyone thought. Until the following allegations became public:

According to the Salzburg news Milletich is said to have registered coach Andreas Heraf as chairman of Parndorf not with the club, but with his publishing house. His critics accuse him of unlawful sham employment. Milletich disagrees, says in the Salzburg news: Everything went correctly during my time in Parndorf. “Heraf’s employment with his publishing house would have been legal at the time, but it would no longer be possible today because the legal situation would have changed in 2016. Milletich continues:” I have a clear conscience . “

In any case, the allegations cause a lot of excitement. In the election on Sunday, the nine state presidents and the Bundesliga (four votes) are entitled to vote. Suddenly it is no longer clear whether everyone is voting for Milletich – a simple majority is enough for him.

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