Officials and government agencies will not receive advertising on Telegram - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

There will be no advertising in the channels of officials and government agencies in Telegram. This was announced by the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov.

In his channel, he left a comment on the post about the ability to turn off advertisements at the request of users: “Now we are excluding the channels of officials and government agencies from the advertising platform.” Users noted that commercial ads were also on these channels in test mode.

Durov wrote on October 26 that official advertising messages will appear on Telegram. He explained that ads will not be shown in the chat list, private conversations and groups, and no personal data will be used to display it. In addition, it will be unobtrusive.

In early November, it became known that users and channel authors will be able to turn off advertisements – a new feature should appear this month. Now it is being tested.

“Advertising will affect only large channels – services where there is already advertising, and the support of which leads to the greatest costs on the part of Telegram,” Durov said.

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