Phaedo: “How are you, master?”

Olavo: “Very sick, as you know, my good Phaedo.”

Phédon: “Is it true that you are thinking of taking a drastic decision to avoid giving testimony in the inquiry that seeks to investigate the existence of a digital militia that aims to discredit democracy and institutions?”

Olavo: “That’s quite right, Fédon. I was summoned by the Federal Police, but I don’t intend to attend.”

Phaedo: “I’m afraid of what you can do, master. Will you drink hemlock, to free your soul from your body?”

Olavo: “No. What an idea. Turn your mouth over there, Fédon. I’m going to free your body from Brazil and your soul will go with it.”

Phaedo: “Admirable. How will this extraordinary evasion take place, master? Through philosophy?”

Olavo: “No. By means of a car that will take me to Paraguay without going through immigration and then taking a plane to Miami. The philosophy, in this case, would not be as effective.”

Phaedo: “Even so, I denote in this attitude the influence of the thought of philosophers such as Descartes, Derrida and Sartre”.

Olavo: “Why these?”

Phaedon: “Because you will go French”.

Olavo: “Ah. It’s true. Well seen, Phaedo.”

Fédon: “Aren’t you too sick to take a car trip to Paraguay?”

Olavo: “No. I’m too sick to testify at the inquest. I’m fine for 18-hour car journeys. You don’t understand anything about health, Phaedo.”

Phaedo: “You have a very strange illness, master. They are the worst. I’m worried.”

Olavo: “There’s no reason to worry, Fédon. When I’m at my house in the United States, we can continue our conversations by videoconference.”

Phaedo: “Good thing, master. I would like to deepen your theory about the immortality of the soul, which I find very interesting. You say that our souls already existed, before incarnating in human form, and that they were already endowed with understanding. That’s it, if I understood correctly, the concept of reminiscence. But after the death of the body, where does the soul go?”.

Olavo: “I confess I don’t know, Phaedo. I say a lot of things. In fact, when it comes to this subject of body and soul, I can’t do more than speculate. My body is getting worse and worse—and, as you know, , I’ve sold my soul many years ago.”

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