Ombudsman Energy to ask economic inspector to investigate energy suppliers: “Unfair business practices”

The Energy Ombudsman, Eric Houtman, will call in the Economic Inspectorate to investigate some energy suppliers and the “unfair practices” they use, according to him. He said that on Friday morning in From inspector on Radio 2.

In recent days, many testimonials have surfaced from people who are suddenly presented with fait accomplis by their energy supplier about the fact that their permanent contract is being switched to a variable one. This happened, for example, at energy supplier Eneco, and complaints have already been received about Luminus.

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“We’ve been getting hundreds of complaints about this lately,” said Eric Houtman, ombudsman for the energy sector in our country. “There are some conditions attached to that change, such as respecting the contractual term or the price guarantee. Moreover, a contract cannot be changed just like that, one has to at least ask the permission of the people.” He therefore advises everyone to contact the company if you experience something like this.

And then there is Octa+, which suddenly makes customers with solar panels and a reversing counter pay more than before. “We have established that Octa+ provides misleading information to complaints. It gives the impression that it is a mandatory cost, but those prices should not be increased just like that.”

It is therefore clear to Houtman what needs to be done. “It is unfair trade or sales practices. I will inform the economic inspectorate about this. That inspection will also be notified so that they can take action.”

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