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The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, referred to the pandemic of covid-19 that the world has been going through for more than two years, and made an analysis of the vaccines that made it possible to considerably reduce deaths and hospitalizations due to the virus.

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From his knowledge as an activist within the foundation Bill & Melinda Gates, dedicated to reversing the world’s health crisis, Gates responded to a question asked by Dr. Devi Sridhar, a member of the publication Global Public Health, on what was the invention that had represented the greatest leap against the pandemic.

“The vaccines we currently have [contra el covid-19] they are very good at preventing serious cases of the disease and deaths, but they are still missing two very important things, “he began by writing. Gates in the interview, which he had with Sridhar through his Twitter account.

“First of all, they still allow infection,” he said about what specialists call “breakthrough cases”, That is, people who were infected despite being inoculated with the full vaccination scheme. What’s more, Gates noted that scientific evidence indicates that current immunizers “have a limited duration of effectiveness.”

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For this reason, Gates maintains that the true end of the pandemic will come when “vaccines that prevent reinfection and are durable over time” arrive. Dr. Sridhar agreed, who then asked her what she thinks is the biggest problem with global vaccine distribution.

Problems in vaccine distribution

Gates He reflected on the unequal distribution of vaccines globally: “During 2021, the supply of vaccines was limited, and mostly they reached high-income countries. At the moment we have much more quantity, and the problems are of logistics and demand ”. He also considered that the precariousness of countries that have not received vaccines is part of the problem: “The health systems in developing countries are a limiting factor.”

Dr. Sridhar recalled that there is “much discussion about the responsibility of pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna in access to vaccines.” The scientist then asked what was the role of these companies in the distribution of immunizers, something that Gates He replied: “When there is sufficient production, companies should discriminate prices so that rich countries pay more than low- and middle-income countries. In the event that production is limited, rich states should not be able to pay more than others to hoard vaccines, something in which the rulers are key ”.


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