The new variant of the coronavirus, omicron, spreads throughout the world

Dr. Mauricio Rodríguez Álvarez, Spokesperson for Emergency Attention of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), indicated what are the criteria for performing an antigen test to detect the coronavirus covid-19, since, with the emergence of the omicron variant and the rise in infections, the demand for this service has been saturated and, on many occasions, it is carried out when it is not necessary. For this reason, the surgeon pointed out that the tests have been designed to diagnose whether or not a person suffers from the disease and not, especially, to justify a disability for work or as a requirement to return to school.

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In an interview with El Universal, the specialist in biochemical sciences expressed that the shortage of tests to diagnose the covid-19 It results in the population having ignored the criteria that dictate who should and who should not undergo a test: “The problem is that nobody respects them, this is what puts the availability of the tests in trouble”, detailed.

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The Commissioner for the Attention of the Coronavirus Emergency added that rapid tests should be carried out when a person has symptoms compatible with Covid-19, such as cough, fever, headache and throat, as well as decreased taste and smell, and attack on the general condition. If three of these symptoms or more are present -the expert stressed- it is time to perform a test, but if only one of these ailments occurs, it is not necessarily a coronavirus; much less if there are no symptoms.

“They should not be done in asymptomatic people, this has not ended, you will understand, they are useless”, he assured.

Rodríguez Álvarez excepted the case of people who suffer from comorbidity, so contracting the Covid-19 They place them in a susceptible position. Despite having only one of the symptoms or mild discomfort, it will be necessary to diagnose the disease to constantly monitor their state of health.

The member of the UNAM Faculty of Medicine pointed out that In the case that a person is asymptomatic but had direct contact with another person positive for Covid-19, he must assume that he contracted the virus. “By epidemiological association, you must assume that you have been infected, isolate yourself for five days and, later, resume all your activities with caution.”

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During the five days of isolation, the person must monitor the evolution of the disease; If this is favorable and the discomfort disappears during this interval, you can return to work, but if after five days, the symptoms do not stop, the patient should contact the corresponding medical services and take another five days for the infection to resolve completely.

For the UNAM member, having access to a test is not a privilege, but rather that they have been misused. “I have seen patients who arrive with four, with five tests. And the tests – he added – do not make any difference in the management of patients.

In winter time, as was found last year, in cases of Covid-19, the infections by influenza and seasonal flu are added. However, the academic of the highest house of studies mentioned that it is not necessary to refine the diagnosis, that is, the difference between which disease is the one suffered, since -for now- The three diseases are monitored and controlled in a similar way, through isolation, monitoring the temperature, oxygenation and evolution.

“From one to three days, the patient will be able to notice if he is improving or not, if he does not do it within the first 36 hours, he establishes direct contact with the health services so that he begins to manage the disease”, He said.

If symptoms such as Severe fatigue, inability to control fever for more than 24 hours, cough that prevents activities from being carried out, and shortness of breath are indicators that there is no improvement in the disease., he deepened.

Mauricio Rodríguez also recalled that “The best mask is the one that is used and used well”; “Insisting so much on high-efficiency face shields what you can do now is generate an expense that people cannot do, like buying a KN95 every week”, I consider.

Remembered that the effective mask will be the one that covers the nose and mouth, perfectly, and is well closed; It does not matter if it is made of fabric, as long as it is three layers. In the case that the person uses double masks, in risk situations, such as living with a patient, the recommendation will be to use two masks made of different materials; the one with the highest efficiency should be placed close to the face and the one with three-layer fabric on top ”, He suggested.

Finally, the doctor from UNAM pointed out that before, at this moment, the most important thing is to pay attention to the symptoms and the epidemiological association, as well as to break the transmission; The vaccines are inoculated with the booster doses as soon as possible, they can be inoculated after five to seven days of recovering from the disease, you do not have to wait any longer.

And remembered that “The virus is transmitted by aerosols, not through food or by ordering it from a restaurant, nor is it transmitted through the surfaces of supermarket products; It is useless to wash them, nor to disinfect shoe mats, nor does it do any good to measure the temperature at the entrance of offices and shops, that is useless at all, because only resources are wasted, we must promote the use of face masks and isolation ”, stressed.



The new variant of the coronavirus, omicron, spreads throughout the world


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