The Bogdanoff twins in the 80's, when they became famous with their program Temps X on the TF1 channel in France.  (Photo: Instagram @bogdanoff).

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, TV show hosts and descendants of an aristocratic family, declared themselves staunch opponents of coronavirus vaccination in the world. Their firm stance led them to contract the disease and die within six days of each other, at 72 years of age. Two weeks after his death, the family organized a funeral attended by celebrities and hundreds of citizens who share their opinion.

The twins members of the socialite french were born on August 29, 1949 in Saint-Lary and were recognized for wearing a extravagant life full of scientific controversies, accusations of plagiarism, lawsuits and mysteries. Among their most famous episodes, the Bogdanoffs were heavily criticized for positing bizarre theories about science fiction and aliens since the 1980s.

For their fame to be grandiloquent, hundreds of cosmetic surgeries were performed together, so they called themselves “extraterrestrials” or “aliens. This marked identity accompanied them from their television debut in 1979 when they hosted the program Time X on channel TF1.

From that moment, they undertook campaigns and scientific outreach work on UFOs, science, astronomy and artificial intelligence. However, beyond their investigations, the scientific community spoke out against the twins and refuted their absurd postulates for many years.

The Bogdanoff twins in the 80’s, when they became famous with their program Temps X on the TF1 channel in France. (Photo: Instagram @bogdanoff).

How could it be otherwise, when the coronavirus pandemic arrived and, with advances in medicine and vaccines against SARS-CoV2, Igor and Grichka assured from the beginning that they would not be vaccinated. Accusing governments and laboratories of conspiracy theories and were the main drivers of the anti-vaccine movement in France.

Together they developed campaigns against inoculation against the virus and in a few weeks they gained thousands of followers who shared their ideals. Thus they carried out marches and demonstrations in Paris and in other cities to make clear their firm position.

Finally, this conviction led them to contract covid-19 at the end of 2021. “They contracted the virus between late November and early December. They thought it was the flu. They stayed isolated at home, but they did not take care of themselves. They took care of themselves a little late”, said his friend and art collector Pierre-Jean Chalençon. “They were absolutely not anti-vaccine. Several of their friends told them to get vaccinated. But because of their lifestyle, and their absence of comorbidities, they believed that they were not the target of Covid,” he added.

The Bogdanoff brothers looked like a couple of Martians, and this is what they really wanted to look like, calling themselves “aliens” (Wikipedia)

After becoming infected, Grichka died on December 28, after spending several days in a coma. Despite the fact that his relatives did not want to report the causes of death, several people in his inner circle assured that it was due to covid-19 and not being vaccinated. For his part, Igor died on January 3, six days after his brother. Like what happened with Grichka, the reasons were unknown, but the same suspicions of the twin are shared.

a lavish funeral

Weeks after his physical departure, This Monday, the family organized a luxurious funeral at the Madeleine church in Paris. The twins were fired in a big way and with all the honors in the French capital.

Hundreds of relatives, friends and anti-vaccine supporters participated in the wake, as well as well-known guests such as the musician Francis Lalanne and the former Minister of France, Luc Ferry. They also attended his friend Pierre-Jean Chalencon, the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven and the humorist Cyril Hanouna.

The Bogdanoff brothers toured Paris in two luxurious hearses, followed by friends, family and hundreds of fans.  (Photo: Christophe ARCHAMBAULT / AFP).
The Bogdanoff brothers toured Paris in two luxurious hearses, followed by friends, family and hundreds of fans. (Photo: Christophe ARCHAMBAULT / AFP).

The brothers toured the streets in two luxurious hearses, accompanied by their supporters. “Nothing is impossible in the universe!”, was the most read phrase in his farewell, a sentence that accompanied them from his television debut until his death.

After a fabulous ceremony that lasted all Monday afternoon, his relatives said goodbye to the controversial brothers Igor and Grichka.


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