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Lima, January 13, 2022Updated on 01/13/2022 11:10 am

Spain approved this Thursday to administer the booster dose of the vaccine against coronavirus to all those over 18 years of age, after it was already being administered to the older population. Likewise, it sets the maximum price of antigen self-tests at 2.94 euros, the price of which had skyrocketed during the Christmas holidays due to the demand of citizens to know if they were negative before family reunions.

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In addition, the tests will continue to be sold only in pharmacies, although some sectors had requested that they also be sold in other establishments.

It was reported in a press conference that the Public Health Commission, which brings together technicians from the Ministry and the autonomous communities, authorized the extension of vaccination and also agreed to reduce the waiting time between the second and third doses, which goes from 6 months to five. This measure, according to the minister, is in line with “what neighboring countries are doing” and responds to the “evidence” that between 5 and 10 months “the effectiveness” of the vaccine begins to decrease.

According to the person in charge of Health, those who have been infected will have to allow four weeks to pass before receiving the third dose, provided that the premise that 5 months have passed since the booster dose was also met.

Faced with the expansion of coronavirus Due to the omicron variant, the authorities insist that vaccination is essential to combat the pandemic and its most harmful effects.

On the other hand, the agreement to limit the price of self-tests, reached “unanimously” among those responsible for regulating the price of medicines, occurs once the supply problem that affected these tests in recent weeks has been resolved, he explained. the minister.

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