Omroep Brabant deletes logos on cars due to a series of threats

Due to persistent threats, Omroep Brabant is removing the stickers and logos on company cars. In this way, the regional broadcaster hopes to better protect employees against violence and intimidation. Because the number of incidents starts to add up considerably, says editor-in-chief Renzo Veenstra.

According to him, the logos work like a red rag to a bull for people who see journalists as enemies. “Very recently, a reporter and a cameraman were harassed. In other cases people call and say: we are coming to rip your head off. And a reporter who is often in the picture is harassed when shopping”, Veenstra gives as examples.

Growing problem

The NOS took the same decision last year: then the logos were removed from the satellite cars. That was also because reporters, cameramen and technicians regularly had to deal with name-calling or threats. Research by I&O Research states that more and more journalists experience violence and aggression during their work.

The deletion of the logos has not been publicized through the channels of Omroep Brabant. According to the broadcaster, that is a conscious choice, the editor-in-chief does not want to give the people responsible for the intimidation a feeling of victory. the AD did bring the news out and Veenstra confirmed it to the NOS.

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