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MIAMI, United States. – This Tuesday, the Archipelago group confirmed that it maintained the call for a civic march scheduled for November 15 (15N) even after the regime denied the permits to demonstrate requested in seven provinces of the country and declared the call “illegal”, also this Tuesday.

“The response of the regime shows once again that the rule of law does not exist in Cuba, that they are not willing to respect even their own Constitution and that they violate the Human Rights of Cubans”, Archipiélago published on his Facebook profile, shortly after knowing the decision of the Cuban Government.

“The regime’s response has made the president of the Supreme Court himself ridiculous, who [tras las históricas manifestaciones del 11 y 12 de julio pasado] He said that Cuba would respect the right to demonstrate ”, also reads the post of the group of activists.

“The response of the regime is full of falsehoods, smears and lies. The regime’s response constitutes a crime. On November 15, our personal decision will be to march civically and peacefully for our rights. In the face of authoritarianism, we will respond with civility and more civility ”, concludes Archipiélago.

Archipelago Publication

This Tuesday, In a letter sent to the playwright Yunior García Aguilera, one of the main promoters of the Civic March for Change, the mayor of the Administration Council of Old Havana, Alexis Acosta Silva, assured that the call for the march violated Article 45 of the Magna Carta, which states that “the exercise of people’s rights is only limited by the rights of others. Collective security, general welfare, respect for public order, the Constitution and the laws ”.

Likewise, Acosta Silva made reference to article 4 of the constitutional text that defines that “the socialist system” endorsed by the Constitution is “irrevocable”, which is why any action taken against it is illegal.

For his part, García Aguilera responded at dawn on Wednesday to the regime’s discrediting campaign against him. The playwright pointed out that he had not been able to react to the announcement of the regime before because ETECSA had cut off his internet access and fixed telephone service.

“It was obvious. They are too afraid of the TRUTH. Being honest in Cuba has become a crime ”, wrote on facebook.

“See you on November 15,” reaffirmed the playwright. “I no longer fear the garbage trucks, the ‘black shirts’, the sticks they demand in each workplace, or the dictatorship. And yes, I already use the word DICTATORSHIP. There are words that you don’t dare to mention until you see them naked, in front of you, like today ”, he finished.

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