On the border, the initial geography of Eduardo Lourenço in the year of his centenary | reporting

It was just going to be a quick coffee at the door of the Quiosque Bar O Manelo in Vilar Formoso, taking advantage of the sun that warms the February day to the point of confusing winter with spring, but we end up talking about the “desert of Europe, this region between Sabugal , Almeida and Figueira [de Castelo Rodrigo]”. It is João Sanches, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a frank smile, who sentences him like this: from the caramels that Spain was going to buy, right next door (and a Transportes Caramelo truck will pass by), we will arrive at Eduardo Lourenço, with unexpected results . “I like a lot The Ship of IcarusI felt that he was in a happy place when he wrote it”, says João Sanches when we tell him what we are doing here in this border territory – traversing the initial geography of the Portuguese thinker in the year in which his centenary is celebrated.

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