On the Oscars runway, a photographer tripped. And Lady Gaga came to the rescue | oscars

On the red carpet, transformed into champagne for this year’s Oscars, the stars parade as if floating. They smile to one side, wave to the other, as if in a kind of trance. Most bring a rehearsed speech: who wears it, what they hope to see during the show, who would like to win the A or B statuette. Until Lady Gaga enters the scene.

At the moment when the singer, revealed as an actress at the Oscars Thus A Star Is Born, was crossing the treadmill, one of the photographers moved to try to capture a unique image of the singer, who was wearing an exuberant Versace, and stumbled. The crash, thunderous, caught the attention of Lady Gaga who, without hesitation, ran towards the professional to help him.

Lady Gaga walks down the champagne-colored red carpet during her Oscars arrival
REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

The photographer, meanwhile, had already risen, but Lady Gaga didn’t turn back until she was sure the professional was okay. Only later, the singer, winner of the Oscar for best original song in 2019 with the theme Shallowresumed his path.

Lady Gaga was one of the nominees of the night, for the statuette of best original song for hold my handin Top Gun: Maverick. And when she performed on stage, she stood out again, changing all the glam of Versace and the dramatic make-up by the simple presence of a washed face, jeans and T-shirt, moving the audience even before starting to sing.

In a short presentation speech, Gaga underlined how personal this topic was: “I think we all need each otherhe began by saying. We need a lot of love to go through this life. And we all need a hero sometimes. There are heroes all around us, even in unlikely places, but we may discover that we can be our own heroes, even if we feel broken inside.”

The award was given to Rahul Sipligunj, Kaala Bhairava and MM Keeravani for the theme naatu naatufrom the soundtrack of the Indian film RRRbut for those who watched the scene on the champagne treadmill and heard the introductory words to the theme, Gaga was the best when it comes to friendliness, generosity and empathy.

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