ON VIDEO: Take a good look!  These 'handsome' pointed a gun at a young woman, to rob

In Buenos Aires, the moment in which two criminals violently attacked a young woman was recorded on video.

Although it is unknown exactly when the events occurred, the citizen complaint states that the crime occurred in Carrera 33 with Calle 46 in Buenos Aires, commune 9 in Medellín.

They pointed a gun at a young woman in Buenos Aires

In the video recorded by security cameras in the sector, the moment in which a woman is mobilized aboard a motorcycle is observed, while she is pursued by two freight forwarders aboard another motorcycle.

It is possible to appreciate the moment in which these subjects take advantage of a blockage in the road so that they get off the motorcycle and intimidate the victim. You can see how a weapon is pointed directly at him.

The frightened victim got out of his vehicle and apparently managed to flee the site, it is unknown if they managed to steal something from him.

In the video it is possible to observe the faces of the criminals, so the community hopes that the authorities will be able to take prompt action in this regard.

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