Excerpt from the film "All about my mother", by Pedro Almodóvar.  (Photo: Reproduction)

On the MUBI platform there are several selected cult films and it is possible to get months of free access

Excerpt from the film “Everything about my mother”, by Pedro Almodóvar. (Photo: Reproduction)

The MUBI platform is a streaming of selected cult movies from all over the world. The service has a variety of works from various international film festivals. And it’s also a space where people can interact, leaving comments and ratings, as well as a specific blog with content about the seventh art.

I had heard about this platform a while ago, but I confess that I always rolled my eyes – and that’s what I like, a lot, about more different films like that. However, to think that an entire platform would be dedicated to this, on top of putting too much emphasis on the excellent quality of all the works, was something I always found pretentious.

The person who finally made me overcome my prejudice was a friend of mine who sent me a movie for me to watch for free on the platform. This type of feature is something I’ve only seen on this service so far, the possibility of watching a movie and sharing that work for 48 hours with another person, without having to sign anything.

This easy access was something that positively surprised me right away. The monthly subscription is R$27.90 per month with a 7-day free trial. But within that period, if you invite other people to the platform, everyone gets a full month for free right away. One girl on the internet even said that when she went to cancel the trial period, she got another month. The platform really wants people to watch the movies.

The MUBI platform interface.  (Photo: Reproduction)
The MUBI platform interface. (Photo: Reproduction)

It’s possible to send out multiple invites, which means the person you’re inviting can rack up several months of freebies and still drag other friends along without anyone spending a dime. And other than that I thought sending movies to people was cute.

In the catalog there are works by filmmakers such as the Spaniard Pedro Almodóvar, Francis Ford Coppola and Wes Anderson. There is also a variety of Brazilian films. The films are from several different years too, so there are works from decades ago as well as releases from this year and last year. A new movie is included every day.

Personally, I realized that, because of series and k-dramas, I had lost the habit of watching movies. And look, this has nothing to do with the duration, as a movie comes to around 2 hours, which is equivalent to two episodes of the Round 6 series that I watched all in one sitting.

Although, instead of exploring the site more, I ended up just rewatching all the films by Pedro Almodóvar, one of my favorite filmmakers. That’s where the huge free trial facility comes in, so I still have a few more months to try out more. It is noteworthy that all content is always in the original audio with subtitles. And yet I rolled my eyes at some moviegoers who swear they are professional movie critics, but then just ignore the comments tab.

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