One of Bruce Willis' best roles

No other genre has dominated the cinema in the last decade as the superhero film. Above all, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has fired one new contribution after the other in recent years. For everyone who works at the Marvel fatigue Disney + is now offering an exciting alternative: Glass.

Now at Disney +: Exciting superhero mystery thriller starring Bruce Willis

Behind the inconspicuous title hides the merging of M. Night Shyamalans Superhelden-Universum, which was founded at the beginning of the new millennium with Unbreakable. Glass now unites the characters from Unbreakable and the 2016 split.

You can watch the trailer for Glass here:

Glass – Trailer 3 (Deutsch) HD


To clarify the question in advance: Yes, it is definitely worth seeing the two previous films. To a certain extent, glass also works on its own. As with Marvel’s Avengers adventures, the great charm of the story but from knowing the advance. In Glass we experience how conflicts that were previously hinted at in Unbreakable and Split are discharged.

Three characters are crucial in order to follow the rough course of the plot.

  • David Dunn (Bruce Willis), the hero, is almost invulnerable. When he touches other people, he can see the crimes they have committed.
  • Kevin Crumb (James McAvoy) combines 23 different personalities in his body, which unite to form a new personality, the beast.
  • Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) is the eponymous Mr. Glass. He suffers from vitreous bone disease and is confined to a wheelchair. He’s the big bad mastermind who pulls the strings in the background.

Glass subverts the idea of ​​the great spectacle inherent in many superhero films. Instead, the action unfolds in the claustrophobic rooms and corridors a mental institution. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest M. Night Shyamalan served as a great role model for his anti-Avengers film.

Glass: A clever superhero film with Bruce Willis

Instead of CGI bombast, we get a psychological thriller that comes up with some unexpected twists and turns the superhero flood of the past few years commented on the meta level. Even if Glass is not perfect, M. Night Shyamalan shows us impressively what is possible in the genre.

Aside from that, Glass is one of the few recent Bruce Willis films that hasn’t hit the direct-to-DVD shelf. Willis makes no secret of the fact that he is in the current phase of his career little ambition for interesting characters cherishes. It is all the nicer to see him again as David Dunn. It’s one of his best roles.

notice: We already published this article on Glass on the occasion of a TV broadcast of the film on ProSieben. This is a slightly modified version to launch on Disney +.

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