One person drowned in the Paraná River.

In the nap hours of yesterday’s day, the troops of the 2nd Police Station of the city of Eldorado became aware via an alert from the Integral Operations Center 911 that in an area called “Los 200 Escalones” a man would have entered to swim to the waters of the mentioned river and he was never seen again.

When the police commission arrived, they interviewed two citizens who claimed to see the man in a drunken state, who had a slim build, short gray hair and wore blue pants with white stripes.

After extensive raking through the waterway area with staff from Argentine Naval Prefecture, and on the ground by police officers, they found some objects such as a gray cap and a blue shirt, which could belong to the man.

One person drowned in the Paraná River. (Police of Misiones /)

But in today’s nap hours, Diver’s technical staff belonging to the Prefecture, located and extracted the man’s body from the waters about 50 meters from the area where it was last seen and then, They transferred him to the Eldorado port area.

Finally, After consultations with the Intervening Court, it was ordered that the body be transferred and deposited in the Morgue of the SAMIC Hospital until relatives appear who can carry out the examination.

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