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Oppo Find N. A phone that you can’t buy from us yet, but we can already offer you our personal experience. This is the first Oppo jigsaw puzzle that goes directly against Samsung’s Z Fold series – that is, the size of the phone into a tablet.

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However, Oppo has the great advantage of being compact. It measures 133 mm in height and 73 mm in width. We must also mention the thickness of less than 16 mm in the closed state. The dimensions are reminiscent of a small, chubby phone, which is very pleasant to the hand and fits well in your pocket.

But when you take it in the palm of your hand, you will feel a great contradiction. You know you have something modern in your hand, but its size and weight remind you of old phones. What you also have to get used to after closing is that the volume control and the fingerprint reader integrated in the power button are next to each other, which is a bit confusing, but both are at least within easy reach.

An external display will suffice

On the outside, the phone has a smaller 5.5 “display with a resolution of 1972 × 988 pixels. But when you open it, a 7.1” AMOLED with a 120Hz frequency is waiting for you. However, its aspect ratio is atypical 9: 8.5 – very close to the square. The advantage of the display is an inconspicuous bending point, which you can hardly see during normal use.We must also point out that, unlike the competition, there is no visible gap between the displays after closing.

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But the phone doesn’t have to be closed or open. Thanks to the fixed hinge, it keeps the display open even in between, so you can place it on a table and use the lower part as a keyboard. It’s a pity that the halves of the display can’t make full use of all applications. Because the phone has an almost square format, it is not very suitable for video playback. Due to the thick black stripes at the top and bottom, you don’t have a much bigger picture than with a classic phone.

However, in normal use, you will paradoxically find that you do not need the internal display as often as you would expect. You can handle calls, short messages, but also launch a music player or camera quickly and comfortably, even on a smaller display. After a week of use, I found that in almost half of the ways I use the phone, I don’t even open it. But when it comes to the web or longer writing, a bigger screen comes into play.

You don’t need a photo stand

But the equipment is first class here. The performance is ensured by the top Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 supplemented by 512GB of storage and 12 GB of RAM. The battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh will ensure a comfortable one-day endurance for the phone. A 33W adapter is used for charging, while the phone also supports wireless charging. Just be careful what kind of wireless charger you have. Due to the large protrusion of the camera and especially the glass back in my case, the phone had a constant tendency to slip out of the charger.

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Sample photos

Of course, you can’t miss the triple camera with a resolution of 50 Mpx with a 16Mpx ultra-wide and 13Mpx telephoto lens. In terms of photo quality, it lags a bit behind the top. The images from the main camera are sharp and have quality details. I also have to praise a good exposure, only with color rendering are the pictures more tuned to warm tones. Noise will increase at night and the quality is one of the better phones, which should of course be due to the price. While testing, I also noticed slower shutters.

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The same scene photographed on each of the three cameras

The phone takes advantage of the folding design, so you can place it on a table when taking a photo without the need for a tripod. A pair of selfie cameras with a resolution of 32 MPx will also come in handy. You can take pictures of the same quality selfie in the closed and open state. If you disassemble the phone, you can take your own portraits with the main camera, and the external display will act as a viewfinder.

So far only Chinese ROM and successful multitasking

The device can use two applications on one screen. With a simple gesture, you split the screen with two fingers and launch a different application on each half. During testing, we also encountered an interesting error, when the keyboard responded badly to keystrokes when typing in portrait mode. But you can easily solve the problem by simply turning the phone 90 degrees.

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Pictures of the environment in the closed state of the phone

Due to the fact that the device is not yet intended for the European market, the tested piece had a Chinese version of the system installed – without the Play store and other Google services. However, if it got to Europe, this ailment would be eliminated. It is just necessary to point out this, as some gray sellers are already trying to transport some pieces to the Czech Republic. However, due to the lack of services, the user experience is not what you would expect.

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Images of the environment in the open state

Oppo Find N is a very interesting phone, which again shifts the processing of folding phones. However, it is only available in China. We would expect a price of around CZK 40,000, but we do not yet know if and when he will visit Europe at all.

We definitely have to name Samsung and its Galaxy Z Fold3 as the main competition. Oppo can compete with it in terms of price as well as equipment. However, the phones differ significantly in their size, thanks to which each of the phones is aimed a little at a different audience. Of the other puzzles on the market, the Honor Magic V, for example, is very close to the Oppo, which is somewhere in size between the mentioned phones and can be an interesting compromise. However, even this Chinese model does not yet have a set availability for European countries, so so far Samsung can still control the jigsaw puzzle market.

size and weight: 133 × 140 × 8,0 mm, 275 g
display: 7.1 “, capacitive LTPO OLED, 1 792 × 1 920, 370 PPI
networks: GSM, 3G, LTE, 5G
connectivity: USB Type-C, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS
memory: 512 GB, RAM: 12 GB, battery: 4,500 mAh
processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (8× Cortex-X1, 3 GHz, 5nm)
operating system: Google Android 12
camera: 50MPx, video (3 840 × 2 160), autofocus, blesk

price: not yet sold

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