Pope Gueye

Pope Gueye ©  AFP

The World Football Association FIFA has imposed a one-year transfer ban on French top club Olympique Marseille for the club’s share in the transfer case of l’OM player Pape Gueye, AFP news agency learned from a good source on Saturday. The club would already consider appealing to the World Football Association.

Maarten DelvauxSource: BELGIAN

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The English first division team Watford had lodged a complaint with FIFA after Gueye’s transfer to the Premier League had been canceled. In the end, Gueye decided not to honor his agreement with Watford and then left for the south of France. The 22-year-old Senegalese was already suspended by FIFA on Friday, as a result of which he can no longer play at the Africa Cup.

Without Gueye, Senegal got no further than a scoreless draw against Guinea in its second group match on Friday afternoon. They previously won their opening game against Zimbabwe 1-0. Pape Gueye was then allowed to fill in in the closing quarters. Malawi is the third opponent in the group.

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