Online Flagrantes Center will work during Carnival in Salvador

Salvador’s carnival will receive support from the Flagrant Center in an online format. According to the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), the service will debut in the revelry within four posts on the Dodô circuit and two on Osmar.

According to the SSP, the spaces are equipped with a high-definition camera, condenser microphone, headset and Microsoft Teams platform at the Central de Flagrantes posts on Rua Alfredo Magalhães, on Av. Centenary, on the Ufba campus on Av. Oceanica, on Av. Milton Santos, in Praça da Piedade and in Passeio Público.

The flagrantes carried out online are accompanied and signed by a delegate remotely and are immediately reported to the Justice, through the pioneering interoperability in Brazil between the Sinesp PPE, Civil Police system, and the PJe, of the Judiciary Power.

The initiative already works in the Special Police Stations for Women and in some Regional Coordinations of the Interior Police, and was also tested in other events of the season, such as the Festival da Virada and Lavagem de Itapuã.

“If we have a peak of occurrences in which the face-to-face service has difficulties, we will activate the virtualized service, and other delegates, working in remote units, come in immediately to help with the service to be provided. This will provide speed and quality in our service”, explained the Delegate General of the Civil Police of Bahia, Heloísa Campos de Brito.

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