Only in a bikini, Gabi Martins rolls a lot to the sound of funk with a cat friend

The singer Gabi Martins was very successful in their social networks with a new publication. On her official Instagram account, the blonde shared a video in which she appears dancing funk only in a bikini. And the muse was not alone: ​​she appeared with a friend in the images.

In the caption of the publication, the famous joked about each having a hair color. “The blonde and the brunette. My partner I love,” she wrote, which received almost 300,000 likes in a short period of time. In the comments, fans and friends reacted with praise and affectionate messages. “Beautiful!” said a verified netizen. “Beautiful,” shared another fan. “The good shape and the swing I wanted to have”, joked a third.

See the video of Gabi Martins on social media:

The future with Tierry

Gabi Martins, as you may know, is in a serious relationship with the singer. Tierry. And the famous decided to talk about dating and her plans for the future during an interview with the Splash portal, from UOL. “I think about getting married, yes, soon. Every day we think about getting married, we have plans. I’m just waiting for the request to happen”, said the famous, who complained about when fans remember her relationship with Gui Napolitano.

Past relationship is not good, if it was good, it would be current. We get a little annoyed, but end up not even calling. We know that we are very strong together and we just want to see the present and the future. The past doesn’t matter anymore,” she observed, who was on the Altas Horas program last weekend.

Life after the BBB

Recently, Gabi Martins spoke on social media about what happened in her life after BBB. She said that she ended up gaining weight after leaving the game because she had many anxiety attacks.

When I left, Tiago told me: ‘You have to put limits on people, limits are important’. I saw how difficult it was to say ‘no’. I had difficulty positioning myself, I did. But that was my life, you know? The life I lived at that moment, which was one of repression, even professional, I’m not going to lie. I just accepted things. I didn’t question and say: ‘I didn’t like it, I don’t want to, I’ll do it differently’. So when I left, that I went to learn. But how? Slapping in the face,” said the blonde.

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