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After the victory over Juventude, the Rooster fans celebrated for the first time of the season, but the captain declined to celebrate

Fernando Moreno/AGIF - Cuca, Atlético-MG coach
Fernando Moreno/AGIF – Cuca, Atlético-MG coach

This Saturday (20) Atlético-MG took another important step towards the title of Brasileirão. Galo received Juventude no Mineirão in the duel valid for the 34th round and won 2-0 with two goals from Hulk. And with one more positive result, it’s obvious that the fans were super excited and for the first time this season they screamed “is champion” at home.

However, in a press conference, coach Cuca minimized the corners and nailed his feet to the ground. “There was a little, still, it wasn’t the entire Mineirão, whoever wants to scream, screams. That’s what I say, I’m not a champion yet. The same thing is a Formula 1 race. You are in the last lap and you are in the lead. Okay, the distance is good, but the race is not over,” stated the commander of the Minas Gerais team.

Then, he added, justifying why, unlike the fans, he is still not celebrating. “You will only be champion when you hit the flag, when you reach a number of points that the runner-up cannot reach. Hopefully that will come soon and, then yes, we will be able to shout champion”. It is undeniable that Galo is getting closer to the national title and now, reaching 74 points, it can be champion in the next duel in case Flamengo wins and loses against Internacional and Grêmio.

Invited to fulfill the promise of Telê Santana in 1971, in the team’s last national title, to walk 37 km to Congonhas, the coach did not flee from his commitment. “Of course I would. But I have to ask permission from Telê’s family. I can’t do this on my own and suddenly hurt people. If people think this will be nice in memory and for the faith we have, I will. And I’m going to hide from you (the press) still, so as not to advertise. It was even good that you told me, let’s make arrangements with the staff, Telê’s family”, he concluded.

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