Nathalie Andreani
Nathalie Andreani (Play/Instagram)

Nathalie AndreaniThe 50-year-old, who has been a phenomenon at OnlyFans, opened the game and said that he received an offer from a France national team player for sex. According to the model, the athlete was willing to pay 50 thousand euros (BRL 317 thousand at the current price)

“I’ve received a lot of indecent proposals, most notably one from a player. He offered me €50,000 to spend the night with me. On more than one occasion, I must admit, but I refused,” he revealed.

“He plays for the national team, I was very shocked. It was a shame, because I would have been interested in him if he hadn’t offered me that money,” she told Public Magazine.

Melon woman earns a million dollar

not long ago, Renata Frisson, artistically known as Mulher Melão, revealed to be a millionaire. On the occasion, the cat gave an interview to the program Holofote, on FM radio O Dia, and said that she has already made her first million with OnlyFans. “I earn more than global actress”.

The beauty said that she started selling her content on the platform during the pandemic and that it is currently the work that yields the most in relation to others. Melão said she sells her content to other countries: “I have to get by to speak Spanish, English, French… I’m almost a polyglot,” she said.

Then, the cat said that to be successful on the platform, she needs to put aside her shyness: “People think it’s easy and that just opening an account, but it’s not. You have to make content every day. There has to be a script, they love amateur video. My differential is precisely this, I like filming myself, doing live. I do a whole production. It’s 24 hours thinking about work,” she said.

Platform growth

Also about her account on the subscription erotic content platform, Mulher Melão, in an interview with The Noite, by Danilo Gentili, spoke about her growth on OnlyFans: “I’m almost entering the ‘top world’. My profile is the most liked in Brazil and has a differential. I work a lot on making daily content and I like amateur content. I take the photo myself. I love being loose, I get a drink and I feel very comfortable”, she said.

“If you say ‘Melon, I want to interview you naked’, I’ll stay now. It’s quiet. For anyone who has been naked in the middle of the Heliópolis slum, it’s a piece of cake,” she said.

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