Open-air concert "Singing Balconies": From the inner courtyard to the concert hall

At the open-air concert “Singende Balkone” on Wednesday evening, musicians made music together with people from a district of Bremen.

Bremen – At the open-air concert “Singing Balconies” on Wednesday evening, musicians and people from one group Bremer Quarter makes music.

At the open-air concert “Singing Balconies”, spectators could sit on sofas, chairs and benches to listen to the music, residents could also watch from their balconies. © Sina Schuldt / dpa

The Bremen-born composer Mark Scheibe (53) led the evening on the piano, accompanied by a string ensemble.

The inner courtyard of a residential complex was used as a concert hall – with a balcony as a stage.

Interested parties had rehearsed for many weeks and put together a colorful program – from Arabic folk songs and cover versions of popular hits to classical performances.

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The youngest participant in the neighborhood project was seven years old, the oldest over 90, as Christel Fangmann said, who organized the project on behalf of the housing company Gewoba together with Scheibe.

Those who wanted to listen to the music could take a seat on sofas, chairs and benches. Residents could also watch from their balconies.

According to Gewoba, anyone who enjoys singing and working on a show could take part in the concert. “The Singing Balconies are a unique project in which the whole world meets,” said composer Mark Scheibe, according to the announcement.

“Apparently opposing things come together effortlessly here. A big festival in which togetherness is the focus.”

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