Open letter: students demand concepts against "contamination"

Again, student representatives from all over Austria have come together to write an open letter to the new Education Minister Martin To write Polaschek. Under the slogan “Not with us”, they complain that the pandemic is particularly stressful for young people and that measures must finally be taken against the infection in schools.

That’s why it finally needs laLong-term security concepts for schools including air purifiers, CO2 measuring devices and Covid awareness campaigns. There is also criticism of the PCR tests, of which there are not enough in schools. “There is a need for a fast lane for schoolchildren on the test streets.”

Besides, it should Make adjustments to this year’s final exams. In concrete terms this means:

  • A voluntary oral Matura
  • Voluntary VWA / DA presentations
  • The reduction of topic pools for the written Matura by 30%

Last but not least, you have to talk openly about how you can can improve students’ mental health.

At the limit

Background: “We are at our limit. It is good that we have finally been discussing more about the mental health of schoolchildren since the beginning of the pandemic. But we have to do it honestly. Schools are not a place of wellbeing for all of us. Depression, sleep disorders and anxiety disorders have long been part of everyday school life. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a constant fear of becoming infected. We urgently need politicians who really care about our mental health. What we do not need are those who abuse them for their party political purposes. Unless something fundamentally changes in politics, we will not hold out much longer, “said the open letter.

What annoys her: “Nobody in charge was ready to discuss serious concepts for safe classroom teaching with us students and academics. Instead, it was clumsy about ‘Close schools – yes / no?’ discussed. ” The result: “To this day, there are only a few air purifiers in our classrooms, the main part of the test system still consists of unreliable nose pick-up tests and FFP2 masks only have to be worn in high school. It is absurd that we students should remind you of this at all have to protect us. But it is even more absurd when you ignore this memory and keep making the same mistakes. The health consequences of the last few months are not due to the virus, but to your inability to deal with it. “

The letter closes with the words: “Dear Mr. Polaschek, dear Federal Government, we can no longer support your current policy, which is leaving us in the lurch, mentally burdened and physically endangered. We depend on you finally meeting your responsibilities. “

Have signed him alongside Mati Randow, school spokesman, GRG6 Rahlgasse, and around 50 other school spokespersons from all nine federal states.

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