President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Syria is ready to return the northern territories – Afrin and Jarablus – by military means if Ankara refuses to leave and settle the issue diplomatically. This was announced to Izvestia in the Parliament of the SAR… According to the deputies, the only reason why Damascus has not yet switched to a military operation is to protect the citizens living in these regions. Syria offers Turkey to withdraw the military voluntarily, and in return guarantees the protection of the border zone. The Russian Embassy in Ankara told Izvestia that Russia expects Turkey to fulfill the agreements on separating the moderate opposition in Idlib from terrorist groups… This process is still far from complete, the diplomatic mission said.

Damascus guarantees borders

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on October 11 that Ankara is determined to eliminate threats from northern Syria… The “last straw”, he said, was the death of two Turkish policemen in the Syrian city of Azaz on October 10. Kurdish militants are believed to be behind the attack People’s Self-Defense Forces (SNS or YPG). Erdogan said: “Ankara will soon eliminate the threat on its own.”

13 october Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu continued Erdogan’s militant rhetoric and said: Ankara will do “everything possible to cleanse the region of these terrorists.”… The Turkish authorities call the Kurdish SNC so because they consider their units part of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which has been declared a terrorist organization in Turkey and some other NATO countries.

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Фото: REUTERS/Presidential Press Office

Damascus calls on Turkey to abandon any military operations and end its occupation of Syrian areas in the north, as this maintains instability in the region and leads to attacks on the borderButrus al-Marjan, head of the international committee of the Syrian parliament, told Izvestia.

Turkey should withdraw its military from Afrin, Idlib and Jarablus, let the Syrian government restore its territorial integrity – and then Damascus will guarantee the security of the border zone, the deputy explained.

The Turkish President’s statement further deepens the violations in the region. Erdogan must remove cover from the gangs he harbors and withdraw his military from all Syrian territories he occupies– said the parliamentarian. – Then the Syrian state will guarantee control over its borders and prevent any aggression against its neighbors.

Butrus al-Marjan stressed: Jarablus and Afrin are Syrian regions, their return “is inevitable, and it is preferable that this be done through political dialogue.”

Otherwise, the Syrian army will fulfill its duty to protect its lands from the aggressor and return them by military means., – concluded the deputy.

turkey conflict

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His colleague, deputy chairman of the international committee of the Syrian parliament, Ammar Al-Assad, also believes that the military confrontation between Syria and Turkey remains “a good option for resolving the situation for the Syrian armed forces.”

– But The problem with this method is that there are many civilians living in areas east of the Euphrates and in northern Syria, including Idlib. This is what made us postpone military operations to protect the safety of citizens, and distance them from the battlefield.– the parliamentarian explained to Izvestia. – Naturally, the reality of civilians does not matter for Ankara. She continues to cut off water from Haseke and intensifies the siege of civilians in Afrin.

Procrastination in Idlib

The Turkish Foreign Minister, speaking about the determination to clean up the north of Syria, also clarified: Ankara has an agreement with the Russian Federation and the United States to remove terrorists from Turkey’s borders by at least 30 km… “But they (Moscow and Washington) did not keep their words, and we must figure it out ourselves,” Cavusoglu said.

The Russian Embassy in Turkey, in response to an inquiry from Izvestia, clarified: Moscow “consistently supports the preservation of the territorial integrity of the SAR, supports the efforts of the Syrian authorities to consolidate the countrywhich is hindered by the illegal presence of foreign armed forces in some of its territories without a UN decision and without the sanctions of the Syrian authorities. “

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

Photo: RIA Novosti / Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

– The establishment of control of the Syrian authorities over the entire territory of the country will ultimately contribute to the establishment of order, stability and security in the country. We have repeatedly said that our concern is caused by the preservation of the terrorist center in Idlib, the presence in the region of groups associated with Al-Qaeda (banned in the Russian Federation). We expect the Turkish side to fulfill the agreements reached on separating the moderate opposition from terrorist groups, primarily from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (banned in the Russian Federation). Unfortunately, this process is still far from complete., – stated in the Russian diplomatic mission.

On October 4, at a press conference with the Egyptian Foreign Minister, chief of Russian diplomacy Sergei Lavrov said that the terrorist threat in Idlib is even intensifying in places, the groups continue to attack the positions of the Syrian army, moreover, they are trying to act against the Russian contingent..

For internal user

Turkish political scientist Kerim Has, in an interview with Izvestia, noted that Erdogan’s militant rhetoric is aimed more at an internal audience, since the death of Turkish soldiers is hard on society.

Erdogan needs to show toughness, even if there is nothing concrete behind it, – the expert specified. – In 2023, elections are coming in Turkey, information is being circulated in the media that they may be held ahead of schedule as early as next year… Perhaps this is how Erdogan wants to raise his rating.

Yashar Niyazbayev, a political scientist and author of the Turkish Agenda Telegram channel, also believes that the Turkish leader’s statement is aimed at the domestic public. But he stressed that these words should still be taken seriously, since all previous operations began precisely with such attacks and statements.

The day after Erdogan’s speech, shells allegedly fired from an area controlled by the SNC exploded in the Karkamis area in southern Turkey. It was the shelling of this area on August 23, 2016 that became the reason for the start of Operation Euphrates Shield.… True, then it was carried out by ISIS militants (prohibited in the Russian Federation). During the operation, Turkey freed from Islamists, and latently from SNA the border towns of Jarablus and El Bab, the latter being the largest ISIS stronghold on the Euphrates.

 The funeral of Turkish soldiers who participated in Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria were killed by ISIS militants (banned in Russia), Turkey, 2016

The funeral of Turkish soldiers who participated in Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria were killed by ISIS militants (banned in Russia), Turkey, 2016

: Global Look Press / Dha

In general, Turkey freed more than 2 thousand square meters of militants from the organization. km of Syrian territory and created a security buffer zone there (between the border cities of Azaz and Jerablus).

In 2018, similar shelling of Turkish borders prompted the launch of Operation Olive Branch in the northwest region of Afrin. Only this time, the operation was directed specifically against the SNC. Having successfully completed the campaign, Turkey received another 2,000 sq. M. km of the buffer zone in Afrin.

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