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Senator Pedro Araya said that they are writing indications that resolve negative externalities of the project, taking into account the presentation of the Central Bank.

Not only are the hearings taking over the agenda of the senators of the Constitutional Commission, where the project for the fourth retirement of pension funds is being processed.

According to what was stated by the president of the instance, Pedro Arayas, they have been developing conversations with different members of the Upper House to gather the necessary support.

“We continue to campaign to obtain 26 votes, the task has been difficult,” he said, on the understanding that the opposition has 24, but it is not so evident until now that they are aligned.

And there are still doubts about how senators like Carlos Montes (PS) and Carolina Goic (DC) will pronounce themselves, who have indicated that they are not in favor of a new withdrawal.

To this is added that other parliamentarians, such as Jorge Pizarro and Ximena Rincón (DC), have said that the project has to be perfected for them to support it, especially on the issue of annuities.

In this context, Araya explained that various advisers are writing indications “that collect the doubts that some senators have and that resolve the negative externalities of the project by attending to part of the Central Bank’s exposition.”

In this same dynamic, it transpired that the opposition has already initiated contacts with at least three “undecided” senators from the ruling party. It would be the RN Marcela Sabat and Manuel José Ossandón; and a third who is also running for re-election and, therefore, has a more difficult time approaching almost a month before the elections.

But they could be supportive if some of the economists’ warnings about how to mitigate the negative effects of the fourth recall are taken into account.

Another face to face

Yesterday, the Senate Constitution Commission heard the president of the Financial Market Commission, Joaquín Cortez (see page 18), who had to face questions about his presentation, the same as the Central Bank president experienced on Tuesday before the court, Mario Marcel.

Senator Alfonso de Urresti (PS), along with recalling Cortez’s professional career in the private sector, asked him not to “defend” institutions “such as insurance companies, to have a” sense of reality “and if” he It seemed that they have the right to request an advance ”women who in this type of annuity on average receive $ 262 thousand per month.

Cortez remained firm in his opinions and replied: “He referred to my work history, 40 years in the financial market, he lacked the fact that I was the director of a bank and that is why I think they invited me to be part of the CMF.”



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