How vaccination in the Czech Republic protects against the difficult course of covid.  We have updated the detailed graphs by age groups

Co-founder and former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is convinced that the number of deaths caused by covid-19 could fall below the number of deaths caused by seasonal flu by the middle of next year, she said. Bloomberg News Agency.

Gates made this statement during an interview at the New Economy Forum in Singapore. He identified the main factors that will make it easier to “quite dramatically” reduce the spread of infection and mortality vaccination, innate immunity acquired by infection and emerging oral therapy.

Next year will be better

Gates also predicts that if new dangerous variants do not emerge, the number of infections will fall below the level of seasonal flu by the middle of next year. He expects that the problems with the supply of vaccines will be resolved by next year and will be replaced by the question of how to distribute them all logistically.

“Vaccines are very good news and supply constraints will be largely resolved once we get to the middle of next year – then we will be constrained only by logistics and demand.” Gates said in an interview with Bloomberg News editor-in-chief John Micklethwait. At the moment, it is not clear in many countries what the level of demand will be.

In particular, these two factors together decide whether they can vaccinate the world against covid-19. Earlier this year, Gates called on the United States and the United Kingdom to help countries with low immunization rates.

The fight does not end

Infectious diseases are one of the areas targeted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a non-profit organization with which Gates has worked since its inception in 2000. Gates has also been one of the people who warned the world of an impending pandemic and outlined steps since 2015. that needs to be done to prevent a major disaster.

Gates, who funded vaccine development through his foundation, has previously said that the world is not ready for another pandemic. He therefore called for the creation of a global task force to prepare for future pandemics and to prevent the “devastating global, economic, health and emotional events” the world has recently faced.

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