Orange boss Stéphane Richard sentenced on appeal

Published on : 24/11/2021 – 10:38

Orange CEO Stéphane Richard was sentenced Wednesday by the Paris Court of Appeal to one year suspended imprisonment and a 50,000 euro fine in the controversial 2008 arbitration case between Bernard Tapie and Crédit Lyonnais.

After a general acquittal at first instance in July 2019, Stéphane Richard, who was at the time chief of staff to the Minister of the Economy, Christine Lagarde, was found guilty, Wednesday, November 24, of complicity in the misappropriation of public property in the Bernard Tapie-Crédit Lyonnais arbitration case. The Court of Appeal considered that the arbitration, which had awarded 403 million euros to Bernard Tapie and has since been canceled in civil proceedings, was indeed “fraudulent”, biased in the direction of the interests of the businessman .

The court sentenced four five former co-convicts of Bernard Tapie, who died on October 3 at the age of 78.

The former magistrate Pierre Estoup and the historical lawyer of Bernard Tapie, Me Maurice Lantourne, were sentenced for fraud, respectively to three years of imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros, and to three years in prison, including one. firm, a fine of 300,000 and a ban on practice for five years. Me Lantourne was also found guilty of complicity in the embezzlement of public funds.

Jean-François Rocchi, former president of an entity responsible for managing the heritage of Crédit Lyonnais, was sentenced for the same offense to two years in prison and a 25,000 euro fine. Another official, Bernard Scemama, for his part was released.

The Court of Appeal, moreover, condemned Pierre Estoup and Maurice Lantourne, as well as the companies coming to the rights of Bernard Tapie, to pay in particular approximately 400 million euros in damages to the entities responsible for managing the liabilities of the former public bank, for material damage, as well as 45,000 euros for non-pecuniary damage.

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