Order transfer of preventive prisoners to the CCR of PP
They arrange to transfer prisoners.

Santiago. The coordinator of the public defender’s office in Puerto Plata, Francisco García Cabral, confirmed that a judge ordered the transfer of all the remand prisoners who were in a cell at the police station in that city.
As he explained, to achieve this they presented an injunction against the Prosecutor’s Office that argues that they have a preventive prison in the headquarters that has been operating in deplorable conditions since 2013, the date on which the general on duty gave him the space provisionally for 15 days.

“The Prosecutor’s Office, during all those years, continued to use that borrowed place and has even had in that cell up to 84 inmates with coercive measures of economic guarantee with impossible compliance and also with preventive detention,” explained García Cabral.

According to his account, the Prosecutor’s Office did not offer him the minimum services: they slept on the floor, they did not give him food or health care, so they were already in an inhuman condition, which motivated them to submit an amparo as public defense that a judge knew and determined that the demand was fair and they had the place closed.

He said that the Court accepted the injunction, ordered the closure of the preventive and the immediate transfer of all the defendants who were in the preventive to the CCR of Puerto Plata. At that time, the transfer of 20 of the 31 who were in the place was ordered and they were tested for the covid and nine were positive, while the rest still remain in the place. “We have the information that there is a covid outbreak in that prison.

According to the coordinator of the public defender’s office, last day 11 they asked the director of public health in the province to bring medical assistance to the place for the 11 accused who remain there. As explained in the space where the prisoners are, it only has capacity for no more than five people, so they were overcrowded and in deplorable conditions.

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