ORF director election: Zores because of Carinthia and Vorarlberg

Need for action

The designated ORF General Director Roland Weißmann, who presented his team of central and regional directors to the Board of Trustees for voting on Thursday, knows. “Mr. Weißmann is in control of what happens,” said Jankovics, who was also responsible for ORF-Employees regarding criticism of the Carinthian state chief Bernhard was visited. Here, too, there is a need for action, said Jankovics. For the southern federal state, the incumbent ORF technology director Michael Götzhaber was therefore brought into play for the director’s post. Bernhard is likely to be extended despite the fact that she will reach the standard retirement age in November.

On track

In the internal tug of war in the ORF Burgenland, everything now points to an extension of the incumbent country director Werner Herics. In the Tyrolean state studio, which was noticed in recent years due to internal problems, radio business manager Esther Mitterstieler will take over. In Vienna, Brigitte Wolf, who is retiring, will be followed by Edgar Weinzettlein, a radio interior politician. In Upper Austria and Lower Austria, the editors-in-chief Klaus Obereder and Robert Ziegler are fixed as future directors. Gerhard Koch is extended in Styria. TV magazine boss Waltraud Langer will be the future ORF-Salzburg direct. With this, Weißmann achieved his goal of increasing the proportion of women in ORF country studios.

There has been clarity for a long time with regard to the four central director posts. ORF III managing director Eva Schindlauer becomes finance director. Puls 4 channel director Stefanie Groiss-Horowitz is in charge of programming. In the future, ORF III editor-in-chief Ingrid Thurnher will be the radio director. GIS boss Harald Kräuter returns to the as director ORF-Technology. In the central director positions, there are signs of an increase in the proportion of women from the current 50 to 75 percent.

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