ORF: The course towards the household fee seems to have been set

Voices from SPÖ, FPÖ and NEOS

For the SPÖ, it is crucial that every new financing model ensures the independence of the ORF is secure and socially acceptable, commented SPÖ media spokesman Jörg Leichtfried on the reports. “The question is whether there will be a social scale for the planned household levy and how companies will be involved.” It is also completely open what the apparently planned cuts mean for ORF’s public service mandate.

The NEOS, meanwhile, called for reform steps at the ORF that went beyond a possible budget levy and savings plans. “People have a right to an independent, depoliticized ORF. But this requires far-reaching reforms that go far beyond the question of financing,” said media spokeswoman Henrike Brandstötter.

The FPÖ criticized the rumored household fee that everyone would pay a “compulsory fee” with it, even if there was no radio, TV or Internet in the household. The ORF does not need higher income, but must “finally” start saving and be made into a modern media company, “without compulsory fees, without party political influence and without privileges”.

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