A look by Oriana Pariente for Jimena Barón.

All people growing up form their dreams. They think about those activities that they would like to carry out in their lives, always looking for them to be a reality, although it is not always possible to do so. From his childhood, There was a girl from Mendoza who dreamed of working in the world of fashion. Today that girl is fulfilling her dream in your own creative company.

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She is Oriana Pariente, a young woman from the department of General Alvear, who currently lives in Buenos Aires. There she carries out her fashion project, a creative company called MadeIn Creative Company, from where he styles multiple celebrities, including Jimena Baron. She was also the creator of her own clothing brand.

Its unconventional start

Unlike many, Oriana built her own path without attending college. “I think we need to break with the imposition of leaving high school and automatically having to spend 5 years in another institution so that hopefully after that period we can hopefully practice”, Oriana expressed to Via Mendoza.

On the other hand, as she grew up, the young woman from Alvara was learning about fashion through virtual platforms or independently. Her biggest inspiration throughout the process was her grandmother, who taught her a lot and encouraged her to believe in herself. Oriana says that when she was a teenager, it was she who insisted “grab the machine and createWhen he liked some design.

A look by Oriana Pariente for Jimena Barón.

You have to dare much more and trust that when we are passionate about something, it is in us, not in a faculty”, Reflected the young woman, as she recounted that at the age of 18 she moved to Buenos Aires to pursue that dream that was conceived in her childhood.

Oriana began that it was not easy, but Buenos Aires was the place to officially take her first steps in the world of fashion. “It was within the country the place where more opportunities would be able to create. I am a true believer that opportunities do not come but we create themSo it was that I worked in a well-known place in Buenos Aires ”, explained the young woman.

In that place she had the opportunity to work as a consultant for the celebrity stylists, who came to the place to look for the different looks that their clients were going to wear. This work led her to generate networks and meet the right people, in order to create your creative company.

MadeIn Creative Company

Oriana created her creative company with her friend and partner, Ruthie Herrera. “There we could unite all the worlds that we liked, art direction, photography direction, audiovisual production, stylist, production of conscious events and above all generating a B-side where fashion does not hurt and where we can also generate community with other artists and thus grow together ”, explained the young woman .

It is through the company that the young woman has the opportunity to dress the different celebrities who approach her. She advises and styles them, creating looks for the different activities they have on their agenda. Among the most recognized that Oriana has been able to wear has been Jimena Barón on multiple occasions and Nicki nicole for his music video with Duki.

The biggest advantage of dressing up celebrities is the repercussion that the celebrity’s name can bring to her work, but it’s not something Oriana prefers. “There is everything but the air of the celebrity is quite high and expensive to pay. I think you have to be faithful to what you really want to do in this world and go for it, no matter if the road is longer.“Commented the stylist.

Based on that, what Oriana likes the most is working with interior brands and working through the networks. “I believe that networking is something that should never die”, Remarked the young woman, while thanking those designers who currently trust her work, who she met thanks to the network.

One of the styling work done by Oriana.

One of the styling work done by Oriana. (SAMUEL GANEM /)

A tip for people who dream of fashion

Oriana was able to share what helped her grow in the world of fashion, it is difficult but it is not impossible. For her the most important thing is self-confidence and daily looking in the mirror and saying to oneself that “you have to eat the world”.

“We must break with the paradigms of choosing jobs or putting up with things due to lack or fear of not,” reflected the young woman, noting that it is not worth suffering for not encouraging more, since “you have what you think you deserve”.

Finally, Oriana concluded that “we attract and create opportunities ourselves, you have to dare and know that we can do anything”.

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The cobra used this look for one of her appearances at La Academia, created by Oriana's creative hand.

The cobra used this look for one of her appearances at La Academia, created by Oriana’s creative hand.

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