Oscars 2023 presenter Jimmy Kimmel: That’s what makes him special

Matt Damon is his best enemy

Among other things, the fake feud with Matt Damon (52) made him world famous. The talk show host and the actor have been fighting each other publicly for almost 20 years – just for fun, of course. Nevertheless, the gag has become so established that Kimmel even kicked it out on the Oscars stage. In a single player During the awards ceremony, Kimmel poked fun at Damon’s performance in the family film We Bought a Zoo. After that, the actor was allowed to award another prize, but was only announced as a “guest” by Ben Affleck – thunderous applause from the audience was guaranteed.

Jimmy Kimmel owes it to the running gag with Matt Damon, among other things, that his late-night show has become popular in the USA. Kimmel finished “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” used to say “Sorry to Matt Damon, we’re out of time”. He implied that the “Bourne” star was waiting behind the scenes for his performance, which was only made up. Later, when Damon was actually a guest on the show, there were always fake complications that caused his performances to be interrupted.

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