Oscars 2023: Who will win? Our predictions!

Best Director:

SHOULD win: Steven Spielberg (“The Fablemans”)
With the journey back to his childhood and the confrontation with so many traumata, the cult director not only allows a deep look into his soul, but also bows deeply to the magic of cinema. The Academy loves that. And she will want to reconcile with the legend after “West Side Story” only received one award from seven nominations in 2021.

Will win: Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schreinert (“Everything Everywhere All at Once”)
The Daniels’ film has received both critical and industry acclaim, and recently won the Directors Guild of America award, which went to eight of the last ten Academy Awards winners for best director. “Everything Everywhere all at Once” is a smash hit with a bold, cross-genre vision (sci-fi, metaverse drama, action) that has emerged as an organic hit built on quality alone.

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