Oscars 2023 with Jimmy Kimmel: Trailer with tribute to “Top Gun 2”

The US presenter Jimmy Kimmel (54) is this year for the third time at the Oscar Gala as host to stand on the stage. Kimmel will moderate the 95th edition of the event, scheduled for March 12, 2023, the film academy announced on Monday. The presenter, who has his own late-night show on US television, previously hosted the Oscars in 2017 and 2018.

“To be invited a third time to host the Oscars is either an honor or a trap,” Kimmel quipped. “But whatever the case, I’m grateful to the Academy for asking me – so soon after all the good guys canceled.”

There is now also a trailer that puts us in the mood for Jimmy Kimmel’s humorous moderation with a homage to “Top Gun: Maverick”:

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