Oscars 2024: 4 rules for more diversity in Hollywood

Again and again at award ceremonies in Hollywood, especially at the oscarslack diversity criticized. BIPoC people or people from the LGBTQIA+ community are winning more and more often. Nevertheless, they are usually the very first in their group to receive this honor. Ke Huy Quan was only the second person of Asian descent to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Michelle Yeoh is the first-ever Asian to receive an Academy Award.

Apart from that, it is always striking that in the gender-neutral categories, such as “best director” and “best film”, in 90 percent of the cases only men or films produced by men are nominated.

The Academy would now like to take action against the last point by introducing diversitystandards for films that as “best movie” want to be considered as a condition, how to put on the side of the oscars can read.

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