The minister and offshore: contestation of the note released by the defense of Guedes - 10/06/2021

Of course, the events themselves are tasty. They even collaborate with the political chronicle, which doesn’t even have to make an effort to get milk from a stone on the weekend, right? The contrast is ready for anyone who appeals to some science and a little history: while the Catholic Church preaches an appreciation of science, politics goes to Aparecida taking primitive mysticism.

Not that this is new in the Catholic Church, agree. He did his own, of course!, but he had and he has his doctors. Saint Thomas Aquinas concentrates more logic and rationalism than a considerable part of the treatises on science. The “Theological Summary” does not prove the existence of God, but it does show how ingenious thought can be when trying to prove… the existence of God.

Observe how the columnist quibbles, right? “My Jesus Cristinho” (apud Manuel Bandeira)! I will have to speak of Jair Messias Bolsonaro—who might at least not have “Messiah” in his name to make the task of making bitter jokes with false prophets more difficult. But let’s go.

The guy was Aparecida. He wants a “terrible” evangelical—and yes, he’s got one! — in the Supreme, but it was trying to win the fringes of the devotees of Our Lady. Before his arrival, in the main ceremony of the day, at 9 am, Archbishop Dom Orlando Brandes ordered the royal.

The little saint consoles. But it doesn’t cure Covid-19. Does not prevent virus contamination. The Catholic Church has been living with science for a long time now. It has the largest network of universities in the world. In their laboratories, God is in science, as he was in Branca Dias’ “well-spiced dried meat” of Dias Gomes’ “O Santo Inquérito”. God is omnipotent for possible causes, as St. Thomas said, the one who is worth a treatise on rationality.

Miracles per hour, per minute, only even in churches younger than the whiskey I drink. It’s the stuff of liars and charlatans. The paraplegic who has been chosen for faith—no use trying to choose it—will find comfort. But it won’t walk.

God is not a supermarket cashier: “Pay it and take it.” It’s not like the “catch-up in the world” of “Guita”, by Paulo Coelho, who has done well, and Raul Seixas. God can change your understanding of the world. But the world changes by what we can do to change it. Back to Don Orlando Brandes:
“To be a beloved homeland, be a homeland without hate. To be a beloved homeland, a republic without lies and without fake news. A homeland loved without corruption. And a homeland loved with fraternity. All brothers building the great Brazilian family”.

The slob they call “Mito”, and this was also heard in Aparecida, in the midst of boos, hadn’t arrived yet. The archbishop also said: “Beloved homeland cannot be armed homeland”. The Bolsonaro government’s motto, as is well known, is “Pátria Amada Brasil”. The religious did not even need to appeal to the subtleties of St. Augustine or the moral lessons of St. Basil the Great.

According to the accounting of Instituto Sou da Paz, as remembered Estadão, the ogre of extreme right-wing mysticism, promoted 31 alterations in the norms related to the carrying of weapons. Weapons ownership exploded: 67% increase in the first half of 2021 alone. Registrations grew more than 100% in São Paulo and in eight other states.

Homicide was on the decline. They grew again in 2020 (4.8%), a year in which 186,071 new registrations for the acquisition of firearms were counted — a 97.1% increase compared to 2019. In that year, they accounted for 72.15% of homicides intentional; in 2020, by 78% of the 50,033 cases.

We are the world’s homeland of armed carnage, outdoing countries experiencing civil war, guerrilla warfare or terrorism. And? The one who went to pay homage to the Saint in Aparecida considers that a weapon is freedom and that, in a certain way, it is superior to beans. Makes sense: Jesus has no stomach in the inflation of the “V-growing” of Paulo Guedes, the one who knows how to feed beggars: with leftovers from the restaurants. Note in the margin: Sergio Moro, the pre-candidate of some enthusiasts in the press, complied with the murderous legislation.

The archbishop said more:
“Mother Aparecida, thank you very much because in the pandemic you were a comforter, adviser, teacher, companion and guide of the Brazilian people who today thank you with all my heart because yes, science yes and Nossa Senhora Aparecida together saving the Brazilian people”.

In Aparecida, Bolsonaro wore the mask, one of the “aggressions”, according to him, to individual freedom. There are few “terribly Catholics” who accept the revelry of the virus to indulge the “Myth”. By the way: your Health Minister, Marcelo Queiroga, considers it a volitional protection. He compared it to a condom. Ignored how the HIV and how SARS-CoV-2 is propagated. In most cases, partners may refuse to have sex with someone who doesn’t protect themselves. This is not the case with delinquents who refuse to wear masks. They want to impose the virus on us. It’s a kind of moral rape. It makes sense for the president who has already considered rape to be a distinction, a “deserving”, even a merit.

The transmission rate of Covid-19 in the country is the lowest since April of last year, according to Imperial College. A total of 601,442 dead were counted this Tuesday. The drop, of course, is due to vaccination, against which Jair Bolsonaro, in practice, still fights. The immunization came late and in a disorderly way. But the structure of the SUS, which was one of those marked to die in this government, made it move forward.

The total death toll is worth 12 years of homicide victims — I consider the average of 50,000 murdered per year. A country that kills with viruses and bullets.

But he went there to muck up the faith. If it weren’t for Saint Thomas to contain my mystical fervor, I would ask God to fix the guy.

But that, readers and readers, is the same with the vote. Choose life. Against bullets and viruses.

And that the little saint protects the faith of those who have faith in science and reason.

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