“Outer Banks”: Trailer for Season 3 – and the first few minutes!

Like Cleo actress Grant in an interview with “El” announced that she is absolutely ready for new adventures in a third season – and for a love story between her character and the character Pope. “I’m really excited to see what happens between Cleo and Pope if something happens. And I’d really like to know more about Cleo’s backstory,” said the 30-year-old actress.

After Kiara and Pope decided they didn’t want a relationship in season two, Kiara and JJ began a romance that could eventually be deepened – Kiara actress Bailey hopes so too. “We (their characters) are both spirited, we both have crazy ideas. These two characters have something in common, they could work together,” Bailey said “Cosmopolitan”.

Since apparently none of the main characters have actually died so far – and the dramatic deaths were faked – the Kiara actress also believes that this should change in a sequel. “Somebody really has to die in season three,” the 22-year-old speculates. So new episodes could be all the more nerve-wracking.

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