Kyle Kuzma and sportswear.

Kyle Kuzma is a 26-year-old power forward with the Washington Wizards. His stats are more than decent, but it was mainly the ‘outfit’ with which he presented himself before the game against the Charlotte Hornets.

Kuzma has always been an extravagant boy: blond painted hair, a multitude of tattoos, a lot of bling. But the attire in which he presented himself for the game against the Hornets made his jaws drop. “Is it an oversized sweater, is it a jacket, did he grab the first thing he saw in the plus size section?” commenters wondered.

What was he wearing? A pink sweater that was clearly several sizes too big or washed at the wrong temperature. The NBA fans went crazy on social media. Kuzma – a good 2m06 tall after all – didn’t let the commotion get to his heart, scored eleven points and picked up thirteen rebounds, but couldn’t prevent his team from going into the boat with 109-103.

Kyle Kuzma and sportswear. © EPA-EFE


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