Brothers arrested in Coxim.  (Photo: Publicity / MS Civil Police)
Brothers arrested in Coxim. (Photo: Publicity / MS Civil Police)

Two brothers, aged 29 and 34, were arrested by the Civil Police of Mato Grosso do Sul, this Wednesday (24), in the city of Coxim, 253 kilometers from Campo Grande. They had been on the run for over 10 years, after killing a man in the district of Moraes, in Araripina (PE).

The crime took place on February 6, 2011, after the brothers were hired to kill a person in the district. At the request of the police, the Criminal Court of the Comarca of Araripina issued an arrest warrant against them on February 17 of the same year, however, they were no longer located by the police in that state.

More than ten years later, an investigation revealed that the brothers were living in Coxim, where they were located and arrested on Wednesday. They are responsible for the crime of aggravated homicide, precisely for the payment or promise of a reward for committing the crime. The brothers were sent to the Criminal Establishment of Coxim, where they are at the disposal of Justice.

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