Ovalles: "Hunger remains intact"
Ángel Ovalles understands that the Eagles will be ready to compete from the first day of the campaign.
The general manager of Águilas Cibaeñas bets on depth to repeat the crown in the upcoming tournament

Ángel Ovalles knows the history of the Dominican autumn-winter ball and, consequently, of the Águilas Cibaeñas team under his command as general manager.

It has not been easy to achieve consecutive crowns in recent seasons, which in itself constitutes a challenge for the troop that in 2020-21 swept the local and Caribbean scepter, but the mission has been undertaken and there are several elements that allow us to think ahead.

“Hunger remains intact,” Ovalles told elCaribe yesterday after the team’s training day in Santiago was over.

“We already know that last year was paid and we are ready to go out to battle again and try to achieve it. That is our goal, to build an environment to achieve championships in consecutive years, which becomes something easy to do it again, since we have been a team that historically has been able to do it, not even in two, but has even won three crowns.
We want to do something impressive and have a core that lasts for several years with a chance to win championships, “he added.

The last team to repeat as monarch was the Leones del Escogido in 2011-12 and 2012-13, defeating the Águilas Cibaeñas on both occasions, which in the last final defeated the Gigantes del Cibao after being below 1-3, in a return that undoubtedly occupies a very special space in the extensive record of stellar executions of the well-known franchise based in the Cibao Stadium.

This was the 22nd time that the yellows raised the trophy as owners of a fair in the local rented ball, tying for the top with the Tigres del Licey.

Interviewed by telephone, the young manager, just 39 years old, said that he has worked to make a set that does not lack a characteristic that is one of his favorites.

“We have structured a good group, solid, with a lot of depth, of which I am a fan, a lot of athletic quality and flexibility to play various positions on the daily roster,” said the also member of the San Luis Cardinals organization.

“I want to have versatility, depth and that we have been doing. That is key for us and we have the right staff, “he added.

A cave with the right leaders

If there is something that gives Ovalles peace of mind, it is the fact that his team is in good hands. It has the leader Félix Fermín and a quality leadership in the cave of the group. “The relationship with Félix is ​​getting better and better and we are very comfortable with what has been achieved. The plans we make are fulfilled and Felix injects many positive things into the cave, ”said Ovalles.

“And in the last championship it was clear that the messages come better through the right leaders and we can count on that. That leadership of Captain Juan Carlos Pérez, Francisco Peña, Yunesky Maya, Juan Lagares, Melky Cabrera and a man that I hope will be integrated as Johan Camargo, I hope I can have it.
Names may escape me, but that core helps stabilize a team in the season. The truth is that I am proud to know that we have those assets for the work inside the cave ”, he highlighted.

The championship begins next Wednesday the 27th and the Eagles will precisely host the Giants in Santiago. The ninth every day oils his machinery to achieve his goal of repeating.

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