Pablo Iglesias returns with La base, a new podcast of current affairs in Public |  The return of the former Spanish president to the media

Pablo Iglesias returns to Public. The former secretary general of Podemos and former vice president of the Government will soon be based here. Actually, it would be more correct to say that will have Base. What is that? More than one will ask. There is a clear and concise answer to that question: a new publishing project for the Spanish media Public with which this medium expands its informative offer. There is, however, another more forceful that Iglesias himself gives in his first promotional video of Base released this Thursday: “A fucking podcast”. If so, the thing promises.

Base It is being built little by little, nut by nut, although it has nothing to do with that television talk show –Another turn of Tuerka ֪– What Iglesias presented and what was possible –and you can still– To see in Public. Very soon, readers will be able to listen to Iglesias in a different podcast, very close to current affairs and made only for their ears..

“With Base, Public begins a stage of new creative and communicative projects of great impact, with the desire to add talent, enrich our informative proposal and offer our readers more and better content “, said Virginia Pérez Alonso, director of Public, about this new release.

Public receives Pablo Iglesias with open arms. Here we pay him much less than what some say but more than what Nicolás Maduro, the ayatollahs or the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un pay him, who have not even had the decency to scratch their pockets.

We will be the “fucking Public, but we know that the former vice president is delighted that we are crossing our paths again. And despite what Jordi Évole says (they don’t believe it too much, at least in the video), we are sure that the project will work because it is good. Our community of readers will appreciate it.

From Public.

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