Pablo Solari sets up an amusement park and Gabriel Costa is key to the victory against the U

Colo Colo takes happy accounts at the beginning of the Summer Tournament in Argentina. This Friday the Cacique won 2-1 against University of Chile in the pre-season Superclásico at the Uno de La Plata stadium.

Those led by Gustavo Quinteros They knew how to take advantage of the clearest ones they had and they had a dominant second half. But despite this, they ended up giving up a goal on a counterattack when they were looking for the third.

Pablo Solari He was one of the best players on the pitch. El Pibe was the most dangerous in the attack, while John Martin Lucero He had a more than interesting debut with the Colo Colo shirt. Gabriel Costa He showed why he is decisive in attack and why his absence from the club at the end of the tournament weighed so heavily.

Two of the three reinforcements added minutes, while both renewed and permanent players demonstrated their credentials to be starters in the 2022 season. Below we leave you the analysis one by one of each Albos player against U.

Check the One to One of Colo Colo against the U

Brian Cortes: He had a rocky start, but he hardly participated in the rest of the game. He contained a dangerous header from Ronnie Fernández who went under the goal. Little to do in Dario Osorio’s goal.

Oscar Opazo: In the first half, Pablo Aránguiz forced him to stay further back. Already in the second half he contributed in the attack with his overflows.

Maximilian Falcon: Wig likes these games and it showed. He took over the leadership of the last line in the absence of Emiliano Amor, he was revived to get the mark of Luis Casanova and score the second goal of Cacique with a header. It was not difficult for him to change profiles.

Cesar Fuentes: El Corralero had to go as an emergency center back, just as he did in the tournament, due to Amor’s loss. It doesn’t complicate his position, but it slows him down in his role of pressuring the rival.

Gabriel Suazo: The captain had no major problems on the right wing. He went up a little in the attack due to Solari’s high level and was in charge of helping Falcón on the left of the defense.

Vincent Pizarro: Bad coverage almost costs a goal at the start. He had to cover many spaces at times with the climbs of Costa and Pavez.

Stephen Pavez: Erratic and with little participation at the beginning, until on a corner kick he almost scored as a surprise at the far post. He vindicated himself in the complement with a tremendous pass to Solari that almost ended in a goal.

Bolados Marks: He lost the ball at times and got too hot when he won a yellow card that is discussed with VAR. He contributed in the attack in the second half, but could not be decisive.

Gabriel Costa: The Peruvian showed why his absence weighed so much on Colo Colo at the end of the tournament. He contributed with the last pass and was cold-blooded in the penalty. As if that were not enough, he put the center in the second and complicated the times that the U tried to come out playing from the bottom. One of the best today.

Paul Solari: The best on the pitch by far. El Pibe justified that the Cacique put his hand in his pocket to buy his pass, putting hooks, luxuries and being the most dangerous in the attack. He only lacked the goal to close a perfect day.

Juan Martin Lucero: In the first one he had, he took out a rival with a hat and from behind, and then faced and revived with a slap. Gunner’s entry roguery.

from the bank

Juan Cruz (67′): He had the third free in the area, but Cristóbal Campos was remarkable to avoid it.

Leonardo Gil (67 ‘): He entered to cover the Vicente Pizarro area and was clear in court work.

Jayson Rojas (78′): It was bad for Osorio’s mark, who turned and faced to score the discount.

Alexander Oroz (78’): Few balls came to him in the minutes he was there and when he had it, they pressed him with everything. In the end he had his goal, but he missed the ball in the area.

Gustavo Quinteros (DT): He was able to try variants and new names, but he chose to go out and play with a more than stellar team to give his idea a run. Point for the coach, who did not give up his game in any minute.

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