CDMX.- In an interview with Antonio de Valdes, The chronicler Paco Villa spoke about his change from Televisa Deportes to Univision, ensuring that it happened because “it was half up until morning …”.

In the conversation with Antonio de Valdes, they remembered that Paco Villa was Editorial Director of Televisa Deportes Network (TDN), cable channel televised sports, and in 2017 he went to Univision, because he was tired and needed a change.

It was a personal matter and in the end, a professional matter. He had been with the company for 17 years, very well treated; Televisa treats us very well, gives us a lot, but basically, I was half up until ma… ”, declared Paco Villa.

Villa reiterated that he needed a change, both personally and professionally. and he told Juan Carlos Rodríguez.

It was not because of a deal (being there until…), there comes a time when so many things come together that you say: I need a change. There was a negotiation, everything was agreed and I went very well ”, added the chronicler.

Paco Villa He said that he spoke with Juan Carlos Rodríguez, with Francisco Javier González and One of Luisa for its change from TDN to Univisión and two years later it returned, since in 2019, TDN merged with Univisión and became TUDN, where he currently collaborates.

In recent days, Paco Villa also revealed that he was not scolded for having criticized and called Sebastián Córdova ‘cold chest’.

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