Paco Villa with El Escorpión Dorado: 'I like Christian Martinoli, he's someone who competes in his own way'

CDMX.- In conversation with ‘The Golden Scorpion’, the chronicler Paco Villa was questioned as to whether the dispute between TUDN and Azteca Deportes, and the youtuber mentioned to Christian Martinoli, who the narrator mentioned is someone who likes him and is someone who competes.

In the talk, ‘Escorpión Dorado’ said that Paco Villa implied that Christian Martinoli He is someone who dislikes him, but the chronicler assured that the Azteca Deportes narrator likes him very well.

I really like Christian. I think it is someone who competes, who knows how to do it. I have not listened to him for years, but he is a guy who competes in his own way ”, declared Paco Villa about Martinoli.

Paco Villa mentioned that he has not listened to Azteca Deportes stories in a long time, because sometimes they are at the same time as TUDN, and listens to other broadcasts, but does watch summaries.

Never, with him (Martinoli), with Luis (García), with (Antonio) Rosique, with people from ESPN, Álvaro Morales, with people from Fox Sports, I have never had a conflict. Christian, specifically, has always been very polite, he and Luis García, very polite ”, declared Villa.

On the comments they say in the broadcast, Paco Villa He assured that he is part of the competition, in his style, but “they are worth it…”, and reiterated that neither Martinoli, nor ‘Doctor’ García have interfered in his personal life.

Paco Villa He mentioned that his way of competing is different and he does not want people to waste their time in a discussion about another television station, assuring that he loves his work, where he transmits emotions and opinions.

“I am fascinated by my job, that others do, say and others, I am worth ma …”, declared Villa.

‘It’s a lie that they have scolded me for Córdova,’ says Paco Villa

On whether he was scolded for saying ‘cold chest’ to Sebastian Cordova, Paco Villa assured that it was a lie.

Never in my career, 26 years working for Televisa, a couple of years at Univision, no one has ever called the phone, has sent me a text, has called me for something I have said about America, Chivas or Tigres, “he mentioned.

Paco Villa He mentioned that the comment made to Córdova was done with respect, but pointed out that the footballer with the best technique and future should be required, because, he mentioned, that there is a lot of conformity.

Sebastian Cordova

Paco Villa assured that at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Sebastian Cordova He “broke it”, adding that this player is the one he wants to see.

When the player has the potential to be the best in Mexico, you have to say what you see. What player, after Benjamín Galindo, do you remember, Mexican, who hits the ball the same with both legs? There is not one. The guy has conditions that few players in history have had in Mexican soccer, ”Villa said about Sebastián Córdova.

Paco Villa also criticized that Sebastian Cordova he cares more about situations that have nothing to do with football. He also criticized the soccer player from America for saying that they “told him”, asking him for pants to say that he was scolded.

On Twitter, Paco Villa mentioned that he was challenged by ‘El Escorpión Dorado’ to get in the car.

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