Padres looking to steal Kevin Kiermaier from Tampa?

Unbelievable or not, the Tampa Rays are willing to let go of Kevin Kiermaier and in San Diego (they tell us around) they are already rubbing their hands to become one of the best defensive outfielders in the entire MLB.

How much talent do you have to have in your ranks to let go of one of the best outfielders in Major League Baseball? Well, something, we suppose, and that is just what they are willing to do in Tampa according to statements where they have confirmed that Kiermaier, Margot and Glasnow are on their “negotiable” list for this winter according to rumors.

And how is Kiermaier’s contract with Tampa?

With Kiermaier, Tampa signed a contract in 2017 for 6 years and 53 million dollars (a record for this franchise recognized for its stinginess JAJAJJA)

So doing addition and subtraction, the franchise interested in signing you would have to take over the $ 12.17 million in 2022 + $ 13 million in 2023 if they decide to exercise the option or $ 2.5M buyout.

Just over $ 12 million for one of the best defensive outfielders in Major League Baseball? A bargain for teams with the Padres, Yankees or Dodgers portfolio… but where do you need an outfielder?

Kiermaier’s antics

Kiermaier’s forte is defense, with a discreet batting production, always a candidate for the gold glove, don’t expect him to solve anyone’s offensive problems … and what team sounds more familiar to you than Padres?

According to rumors, San Diego would be one of the main interested in the still outfielder from Tampa thinking that he can solve the serious defensive problem of the Padres in center field, where this year they even tested Tatis Jr (also for the problems of the Dominican in the SS).

Among MLB center fielders, Kiermaier ranked among the best:

  • Top 4 overall defense with 8.9 (according to Fangrpahs)

And on the offensive?

  • He strikes little: only 99 in 348 at-bats, only Yandi Diaz had a lower rate of strikeouts per at-bat than a team like Tampa that already strikes little.

Good option for parents? We signed it. We’ll see if San Diego thinks the same: Let’s not forget the Tommy Pham factor, a disastrous contract so far for the Padres and one that is expected not to return to the SD outfield.

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