Padres sinks and the fight for the joker heats up

Earlier this MLB season it looked like there would be only two teams in the league. National League: Dodgers and Padres, but things have turned out very different especially for San Diego.

Parents scored one more loss against San Francisco tonight and the fight for the National League wild card has tightened a bit more after the triumph of the Dodgers, Cardinals and Reds.

After his triumph today Dodgers has secured at least one wild-card ticket, leaving just one more space available, the same one currently occupied by the Cardinals with Reds at .5 games and Padres at 1.

So or more cardiac?

And while there is still hope for the Padres to qualify for the MLB playoffs, two things to highlight:

1.- It no longer depends on them.

2.- They still have several games ahead of San Francisco and by far their schedule is the most complicated of the three teams that compete for the National wild card.

3.- It is not at all where it was thought that the Padres would be at the end of September. With that payroll and just a National wild card?

Much to ponder here for the Padres and much to learn from San Francisco, this season’s breakthrough team.

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