Photopea mimics Photoshop.  Now the Czech web editor also dares to illustrator

Rick Brewster has been developing a bitmap graphics editor for Windows for 17 years, which should be a kind of “painting on steroids”. It supports layers, has a lot of extra features, but it’s not as complex a tool as Photoshop or Gimp. Actual version 4.3 promises a significant increase in performance.

The author of the application converted from .NET Framework v4.8 to v5, which in itself brings several important optimizations. According to Brewster, starts faster, most effects and other computationally demanding tasks are performed 20% faster, and thanks to new support for SIMD instructions (SSE2 / 3 / 4.1, AVX2), work with tools and layers has also been speeded up. But don’t look for new image editing features.

The way the program is distributed has also changed. There is a new one web installer, which downloads the latest files directly from the source and, most importantly, takes the mentioned .NET 5 with it (earlier versions had to be installed separately) and selects the correct image. In addition to x86 and x86-64 processors, 4.3 now also supports the ARM64 architecture. And who doesn’t want a web installer and GitHubu can download the offline version and now also the portable version of the program. is available for free. But Brewster also offers a paid version in Microsoft Store, where he charges CZK 199 for the application. It is just a symbolic fee to support development.

New Paint in Windows 11:

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