4.3 released.  It is faster and natively supports army processors

The popular bitmap editor says goodbye to the 32-bit world. Fresh 4.3.3 because it represents latest version, which is still published in 32bitovéing. It is used by a minimum of people, and given the growing capacity of RAM in ordinary computers, the use of 32-bit Windows typically does not make sense.

However, these are not just 32-bit editions. With this release also completely Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 support ends. The next series 4.4, which is just beginning to be developed, will only run on Windows 10 or 11. The reason is said to be the increasing complexity of maintenance for the mentioned systems. At the same time, many people no longer run the program in Sedmičky and Osmičky.’s development has not been slow lately. In September, the 4.3 series went out into the world of ARM processors. In addition, the program was converted to .NET 5, which had a positive impact on performance. The technology didn’t warm up much in the editor because it is replaced by .NET 6. According to Rick Brewster, the main developer, this makes the program starts faster. It is also faster rendering.

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Developer further improved dark mode support. The sliders and other elements are already dark. It also modified some elements to look better in rounded Windows 11. It also eliminated a number of errors, including memory leaks. Web installer download from the official website, portable version or classic installers you will get to Github. You can support the development by purchasing paid variants in Stor.

Resources: Rick Brewster on the forum | a list of changes in

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